Freight Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Need to ship goods from China to Amazon FBA worldwide locations, but don't know how to start? China Freight Group has 10 years of freight forwarding experience from China to Amazon FBA worldwide locations. Cooperate with A china freight forwarder like us, we can help you transport your goods to USA Amazon, UK Amazon, Germany Amazon, Canada Amazon, Australia Amazon and so on.


Your Reliable Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder in China

Through years of experience, we cooperate with the most reputable shipping companies and airlines companies to ensure stable shipping schedules and affordable prices. No matter you are an individual or a company, we can help you transport the cargo by sea, air, or express to Amazon worldwide. We will do all the work for you, so you don't have to!


Sea Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Ocean Shipping + UPS / Truck service delivers cargo directly to your Amazon warehouse, including customs clearance, import duty, and Amazon appointments. We have a variety of SEA transportation methods, such as LCL, FCL, DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) Sea, and DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid) Sea to choose from.


Air Cargo Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Competitive air pricing reduces your Amazon shipping costs. Fast air service, let your Amazon always keep a good inventory. What's more, we have a variety of AIR transportation methods, such as air express, air flight, DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) Air, and DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid) Air to choose from. Choose us to help your Amazon sales now!


DDP Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) is door to door service, which means that once you consign your cargo to us, we will handle all shipping processes from A to Z, and delivered duty paid. We will do it all, so nothing you need to worry about. You can just focus on your Amazon sales.

Rail-Shipping-From China-To-Amazon

Rail Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

The Railway shipping from China to Amazon FBA is only suitable for European countries. Rail is the ideal option for buyers who find sea and air too expensive. What's more, railway to Amazon FBA is DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) service, so you don't need to worry about the duty and VAT/EORI issues.

Choose Shipping Solutions From China to Amazon FBA By Region

No matter where you are, we have freight shipping solutions for you.

Benefit from Our Amazon FBA Shipping

 Chinafreightgroup offers all-inclusive door to door service at lower rates in the market.

 Your shipment is only operated by our team of shipping experts.

 We offer a variety of pickup and delivery speed options for your choice.

 We offer cargo consolidate service from different suppliers.

 Our weekly direct shipping routes by air and sea enable quick departures and arrivals.

 You only need to coordinate with one freight fowarder.


Powerful supports for Amazon FBA Shipping

China Freight Group is among the high-rated support squads online, fast, and helpful. Get you seamless freight shipping experiences!



We can print and attach SKU labeling & Amazon shipping labeling, or other additional labeling when required.



No matter simple exterior carton checks, detailed cargo & quantity inspections, our services will meet your every need.



We can re-package the items with your customized packaging to meet Amazon requirements.


Customs Brokerage

We offer fast & hassle-free customs clearance services for all types of goods, giving you one seamless transaction.


Warehouse & Distribution

Free warehousing and distribution solutions enable high flexibility for your shipment.


Cargo Insurance

Chinafreightgroup will protect your freight against any unforeseen loss or damage from any external cause while in transit.

Find Out How Shipping From China Works?

Take a look at how easy and intuitive it is to ship a shipment with the wide range of tools we offer.

  • send-inquiry

    1. Send Inquiry

    Send us your full shipping details for a quote.

  • compare-quotes

    2. Compare quotes

    We'll send quotations per your request.

  • freight-booking

    3. Freight booking

    We'll contact the supplier to book the freight when the quote is confirmed.

  • pickup-from-origin

    4. Pickup from origion

    We'll pick up your cargo from the supplier if you request.

  • data-confirmation

    5. Data confirmation

    After receiving the cargo, we will send the final data for your confirmation.

  • payment

    6. Payment

    We'll send out the cargo after full payment.

  • transport

    7. Transport

    We'll ship out the cargo by air or sea as quoted.

  • online-tracking

    8. Online Tracking

    We'll send you a tracking number/BL to track your cargo.

  • export-declaration

    9. Export declaration

    We'll make the export customs declaration in China for the cargo

  • customs-clearance

    10. Customs clearance

    We'll make import customs clearance for the cargo.

  • ground-freight

    11. Ground freight

    We'll use ground freight for local delivery

  • delivery

    12. Delivery

    Your cargo will be delivered to your destination safely and quickly.

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Quick answers for some frequently asked questions.

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Why Choose Us As Your Next Amazon Freight Forwarder?

We are well-experienced experts in shipping and delivering goods from China to Amazon FBA worldwide locations. From sea shipping channels, we are available to pick up from suppliers, documents management, customs clearance, and deliver to you at your doorstep or FBA, whether DDP(delivered duty paid) or DDU(delivery duty unpaid) services. All you need do is relax and wait for your goods to reach you in perfect condition!

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Competitive Freight Shipping Rates


7/24hours Customer Support


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Customized Freight Shipping Services


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We specialize in the safe, quality, and timely freight shipping of all types of goods by sea, air, and land, from china to all locations in the world, at any moment in any quantity.

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